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Valentina & Valeriano


I am a country woman who was raised in a very loving and caring family, between pieces of bread dipped in the Sunday sauces, the somersault competitions on the lawn with my brother, watching the cartoon Candy Candy and I cannot forget to mention the music of Jovanotti that I always heard and the most awaited month of the year, the holiday month in which we used to go the beach.
I grew up among the most beautiful things in life: long walking with my mum and grandmother to seek for some “cicorietta” (Chicory), making homework with my cat on my books and the smell of cookies just made for afternoon snacks, we also used to go fishing with my dad and visit to my relatives in Rome, who used to prepare long banquet tables.
I truly believe that all these experiences had influenced my life choices, because at the end I have made different types of works but I ended up choosing who I really am inside, a country woman, so I returned to the countryside and began collecting herbs, cook them and offer them to the guests of this agritourism, and the little girl “cicorietta” from 30 years ago that used to thrilled the three generation in the long walking with the wicker basket, has become a Bistrot.

The dishes I cook talk about my story and they have the taste of simplicity and authenticity: I am well aware that those who touch and prepare food transfer their energy to others and I think this is a wonderful way to show love; I have felt that love, so now I give it back to our guests.

In my life I have made a lot of job experiences. Like Music, actually I am a musician, I did it by profession for many years as a concert performer and I also worked as vocal therapist. This is the reason why you will find two pianos on our agritourism! I have a weakness for vocal chamber music and also for the very modern music from The Piano Guys.

The things I enjoy in life are: my cats, the study to become Sommelier, the meditation and to pray in the “Sala dei 12 Petali”, to hug people, to spend my time in the vegetable garden near to the olive trees.

I truly love Valeriano who discovered this place and involved me in his evolution, giving me the freedom to express myself.

I am a happy person; I have learned to be essential. I have had the honor of getting many lessons in life and I finally do what I have always wished with the person that I love the most in life.


I cannot hide the embarrassment I feel while I talk to you about myself, maybe I am just a shy person and I have not yet realized it or maybe it is hard to examine myself or I just cannot remember the steps I have made in my life path since I was born until today with the fear of recognizing all the mistakes I have made.

What is sure, is that since I was a child, I have always been attracted by spirituality to understand the truth that hide behind daily life facts. This could be the reason I never missed the Sunday appointment for the holy mass and the evening prayers before falling asleep. Growing up like this was no longer enough to me, so it was natural to increase my knowledge seeking through the teaching of the esoteric text from the ancient Christianity, the Essenes, the Buddhists, the Dzogchen, and also from the Toltec shamanism and so on.  

The seek for beauty and harmony has always been the cornerstone of my activities. So, in my life path I got oriented to artistic activities as drawing, playing music, painting, so at the end I ended up becoming architect, I got also a master on bioarchitecture and Feng Shui.

But at a certain point in my life, I had the strong reclaim of having a direct contact with nature and its beauties, so this is the moment in which I took the decision of starting a farm business and create an agritourism. I have always dreamed about a place where we could also host groups interested on practicing different kinds of holistic activities to which we dedicated nowadays.

 I feel a very lucky man because I had the opportunity to realize this project of life, but I also believe that nothing happens by chance, so I sincerely thank those who guided me and went along with me.

Magically Valentina appeared in my life! She is always by my side ready to return my love for her with her simplicity, sincerity and energy!

The Agritourism

You will find wellness in a natural cradle among the badland’s valley

The Bio Agriturismo Valle dei Calanchi was created from a project by the Feng Shui architect Valeriano Izzo, whose goal was to host people in a place that inspires personal transformation, through the contact with the nature.

The Agritourism is located in a natural cradle between the badlands (I Calanchi). At the bottom of the valley, there is a stream of uncontaminated water and it is surrounded by meadows, autochthon vegetation and edible wild herbs.

You can take a walk around the olive grove and the vineyard and enjoy the wonderful panoramic view from our fields. You can relax between the silence, the light of the sun, cherish the beauty and you will be overwhelmed by a sense of joy and peace that this place spreads.
Here you will have the opportunity to rediscover the joy of being in contact with the Nature, the taste of a healthy diet and place where you can relax and recharge yourself.

You can increase your knowledge participating to the courses and seminars that take place in our agritourism.

We love taking care of those, like you, who choose to come to our agritourism to find and restore themselves, searching for some inner peace. This place has this effect on us, we live here so we feel almost the duty to return this beautiful gift life gave us.

You are welcome, we hope you can find here what you are looking for.

Valentina & Valeriano