Sala Carlo Izzo

Slowness and Speed

Room characteristics
  • Area: 50 m²
  • Seating capacity: 20 seats
  • Height: 3 meters
  • Floor type: oak wood
  • Does it have natural light? Yes
  • Windows? 2 french windows
  • Does it have a view? Yes, the room has the view of the Pergola in the outside dining room
  • Is it a quiet room? Yes/No
  • Does it have technical equipment? Yes, it has Wi-Fi, audio and video system and grand piano
  • What kind of extra accessory does it have? Mats and cushions
  • Is it allowed to practice noisy activities? Yes
Bio agriturismo Olistico Valle dei Calanchi. Sala Carlo Izzo. Teatro MrKaos
Bio agriturismo Olistico Valle dei Calanchi. Sala Carlo Izzo. Teatro MrKaos 2
Bio agriturismo Olistico Valle dei Calanchi. Sala Carlo Izzo

Inside of our agritourism there is a room of 50m². It is filled up with the works of art of the Roman painter, Carlo Izzo. The walls of this room are enriched with some of his works dedicated to the Time and Speed theme; The paintings are made with mixed techniques. The colors and shapes that become the main subject of his works seem to resonate in the entire room with vital energy.

In this room there is a grand piano from the early twentieth century, that is available to our musician guests and it is also used for music therapy seminars. We had the pleasure of organizing concerts and musical evenings in the summer, while in winter this room lends itself perfectly to hold children’s cinemas.

Bio agriturismo Olistico Valle dei Calanchi. Opera di Carlo Izzo
The K18 Series

The exhibition called K18 was born from the observation of the Time. Mostly the advertising images about watches, that show a strange recurring curiosity… they are positioned at 10:10, rarely on other times. You must be asking why? well, if you ask this question to a watchmaker, he will tell you that this position has been chosen to facilitate the reading of the watch face. Thinking that you accept this explanation, you could also wonder what role an hour that is always the same over the time can have? A stop, equivalent to a slow lifestyle choice. We know that this choice may not always be a rule, in fact the opposite is true! In the K18 works was necessary to introduce the opposite concept: Speed. This idea was translated to Carlo Izzo’s paintings with the help of the spatula technique which presupposes a rapid, decisive gestural activity without second thoughts. A fast movement. Lentezza e Velocita (Slowness and speed) are a feature of our time. To the man the choice.

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