Ser Mognano, our organic red wine

Ser Mognano, our organic wine

Now Ser Mognano is a wine. In the past it was a brave German leader, Her Mugnen, who made the hamlet with his name a military fortress. The vineyard is located right on the slopes of the tuffaceous plateau on which the small village stands, at an altitude of 270 m. a.s.l.

Grapes: 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. The training system is spurred cordon and the average age of the vineyard is about 15 years. The harvest takes place in September / October with manual harvesting and the yield per hectare is about 45 quintals

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1 Box with 6 bottles: € 57,00.

Shipping cost for Italy:
€12,00 for the first box, €3,00 for additional boxes.

Delivery time: 3/4 working days from the date of the shipment.

Ser Mognano


Bright ruby red, with vegetal tones well integrated with the scent of small red fruits and cherries. Balsamic and clove nuances. Youthful tannin and excellent freshness contrasted with good softness and apparent warmth sensations. An easy to drink wine.


Ser Mognano is a very versatile wine, ideal to accompany appetizers of meats and cheeses, first courses, meats and mushrooms. Try it with semi-aged pecorino!

2018 production: about 2000 bottles.
Alcoholic fermentation: in stainless steel for 10 days with maceration on the skins.
Aging: in stainless steel and then in the bottle.
Alcoholic content: 13%.

Cultivating the vine: it was a love at first sight!
I have worked as an architect for some years, then the great turning point of my life: I bought an agritourism in one of the most beautiful Tuscia Valleys, in Viterbo, with the fervent desire to return to live in contact with the Nature.
I had never put my hands into the ground and I had never closely observed the changing colors of a vineyard; I had never realized how tiring, and often without an economic return, the work of the farmer is, the noblest job that can exist.

Ser Mognano is the result of 4 years of attempts, authoritative advice, pruning, recovery and a lot of sweat, … on just half a hectare of vineyard.
Today, these Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, are beginning to offer their best, supported by a sedimentary and calcareous clayey soil facing south, of marine origin. The treatments are minimal, within the limits of hemodynamic methods. 

Not currently having a winery for winemaking, I was lucky enough to have the eco-sustainable Trebotti company, an Italian excellence, who helps me to prepare our Organic Red Wine 2018 and 2019 Ser Mognano. A heartfelt thanks to the agronomist and winemaker Maurizio Doganieri, who patiently followed and enthused me!

Valeriano Izzo

About our farm business: an organic and homeodynamic farm

Inside the 30-hectare organic farm is practiced an homedynamic agriculture on the vineyard, on the vegetable garden, on the orchard, on the olive grove and on the sowed land.
After a few years practicing organic farming, we have learned about a new method, called Homeodynamic Agriculture from its founder Enzo Nastati, which we were lucky to meet. We, therefore, decided to start practicing this type of agriculture with great enthusiasm, considering that these learnings are an evolution of biodynamic agriculture introduced about a century ago by Rudolf Steiner

During the grape and olive harvest’s period we are glad to involve our guests in this experience, that help them to touch with their own hands the land and its plants.

An environmental sustainability project

We have been given a chance: to live as Human Being on the planet Earth.
Are we aware of it? Have we ever thanked anyone?
Maybe a way to express our gratitude could be to respect this wonderful planet which is a paradise, even if we haven’t realized it yet.
But if the day we finally realize it, the planet will be unrecognizable due to the environmental damage that man has done over the years, how could we forgive ourselves?
Each one of us can do something concrete in our own small way. The change start with us!


Respect for the vegetable and animal world

Farms work to take advantage of the plants and their fruits with the only intention of harvesting as much as possible and work and spend as little as possible.

This approach has made farming methods evolve or rather degenerate over the years to the point of unbelievable. Today, monocultures are mainly made, herbicides and pesticides are used, plants are genetically modified and all sorts of diabolical human inventions are causing incredible damage to the health of animals, man himself and the entire ecological system.

A conscious and aware agriculture in respect of Nature and Human Being must undoubtedly move in a completely different direction.

Our firstable choice is to collect everything that nature gives us in a free and spontaneous way. Because in a 30-hectare farm, like ours, there are hills and streams, where so many edible wild plants grow. And just as we have them, there are al l over the planet.

In addition to this, we also have a vineyard where we produce the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes which are vinified into an organic red wine Ser Mognano, you can find further information about it at the top of this page, on the section “Our Wine”. We also have a vegetable garden and our hilly lands are dedicated to seasonal sowings.

To improve the efficiency of the production in a full respect of the planet, we have chosen the homeodynamic method that has been recently introduced by researcher Enzo Nastati. This is a truly wonderful approach to the agriculture, where science and love come together in a perfect union. With this method we get to know these living beings that are the plants, to know their character, their needs, their weaknesses and their strength. Only in this way we can make them grow well and healthy and collect the fruits they give us. This is a work that we have recently started and that will take some time, but we have full confidence and are thrilled to have known the Trinium method.


Energy production

We are aware that today is hard to find definitive and truly respectful energy solutions towards the plant, from all points of view. Actually, most of the solutions are compromise, but let’s start with those, it’s always better than nothing. If we start from a collective solution in this sense, we will surely find better and more consistent solutions over the time.

 We have started with what is currently available on the market. We have created a project that involves the production of energy from renewable sources that will bring us almost to self-sufficiency.

  • We have replaced the LPG boiler into a biomass boiler (that use hazelnut shells / olive stones / pellets) for the production of hot water for sanitary and heating uses – this is an intervention already carried out with the aid of the Thermal Account;
  • Solar thermal system for the integration of the domestic hot water and heating system – this intervention is on standby; we are waiting to get the regional contributions (PSR Lazio 2014-2020);
  • Solar photovoltaic system with energy storage of 20 Kw for the production and storage of electricity – this intervention is on standby, we are waiting to get the regional contributions (PSR Lazio 2014-2020).

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