Why should you choose us?

There are a lot of reasons for you to choose us, now we are going to tell you a few of them:

The Clean and Fragrant air

Did you know that in 2018 Viterbo was declared as the capital with the cleanest air? Our agritourism is far away from any kind of sources of pollution, so you can breathe deeply and enjoy the scent of the flowers and the scent of wet soil after a summer rain, the September’s fresh air that smells like must and undergrowth.

The Starry Sky

In all the seasons is possible to lie down in the park and look up the sky, you can see the celestial vault that lights up with millions of stars. In our agritourism, there is no form of light pollution so it seems like you can touch with your fingers Sirius, Orion, the Pleaides, the Big Dipper… you can download an app on your phone for stargazing and you will have so much fun trying to individuate a lot of constellations! For those who have some wishes to make, then you cannot miss the summer with its shooting stars nights.

Our “5 girasoli” Classification

Our agritourism has been classified with 5 girasoli (5 sunflowers). It is the classification from the MiPAAF, Ministero delle Politiche Agricole e Forestali (Ministry of the Agricultural and Forestry Policies) that issues to agritourism companies with hospitality regularly operation on the basis of national and regional laws, it is shown under the brand Agriturismo Italia.
This brand with the sunflowers has the purpose to offer an overall idea of the comfort level, the variety of services and the quality of the environmental context offered by any agritourism.

Bio Agriturismo Olistico Valle dei Calanchi. Spazi interni. La Sala dei 12 petali

Our Sala dei 12 Petali

Our agritourism is available to accommodate residential retreat groups for practicing holistic activities. We have many beds, a lot of outdoor spaces, a large swimming pool and a restaurant. The Sala dei 12 Petaliis a unique room for its geometric characteristics. The residential retreat groups can find everything they need for a stay dedicated to practicing their own course, you will be fully supported by our services!

The Large swimming pool

It is set in our green park with the overlooking of the valley. Near to the swimming pool there is a canopy with sunbeds where you can relax!

Bio Agriturismo Olistico Valle dei Calanchi. Il Sentiero degli Spazi Sacri

Sentiero degli Spazi Sacri

Il Sentiero degli Spazi Sacri (the Path of the Sacred Spaces) has a path in the wood, it crosses the stream at the bottom of the valley, where you will find wonderful panoramic views. While you walk around it, you can practice yoga or just meditate. It is a work-in-progress project, the experiential path is linked to the 4 elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire.

Our Homeodynamic method of agriculture

We practice homeodynamic agriculture on the vineyard, on the vegetable garden, on the orchard, on the olive grove and on the arable land. Our agritourism is the first that practice this kind of cutting-edge agriculture.

Our Restaurant Cicorietta Bistrot

It is the only vegetarian restaurant within 100 km radius, and it is also unique for the use of wild herbs in its cooking.

Our Strategic Position

A remote and shielded location, from which you can reach within 20 minutes a lot of fabulous archaeological and naturalistic sites, like Civita di Bagnoregio, Bomarzo (with the Sacro Bosco that has an Etruscan Pyramid and nearby you will find the Mola’s waterfall), Orvieto (with its wonderful Duomo (Cathedral), San Patrizio’s well, the underground city, the artisans shops and the main street “Il Corso”), Lago (lake) di Bolsena with all its picturesque villages.

Bio Agriturismo Olistico Valle dei Calanchi. Impronta etrusca

Etruscan Legacy

Our agritourism is located in a strong Etruscan legacy area. You will find a lot of caves, dovecotes, Etruscan’s tools and archaeological sites. The Etruscans lived in these valleys that are well-stocked in clay, water, game and nearby to the powerful and rich city of Velzna.

& la Terra

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