Sala dei 12 Petali

Genesis of the Form

Room characteristics
  • Area: 108 m²
  • Seating capacity: 60 seats
  • Dimensions: 3 meters x 4,5 meters
  • Floor type: oak wood
  • Does it have natural light?: yes
  • Windows: 3 large windows
  • Does it have a view? yes, the room has a panoramic view of the Valley.
  • Is it a quiet room? yes
  • Does it have technical equipment? Yes, it has Wi-Fi, audio and video system and an upright piano
  • What kind of extra accessory does it have? Mats and cushions
  • Is it allowed to practice noisy activities? Yes, it is
Bio Agriturismo Olistico Valle dei Calanchi. La Sala dei 12 petali
Bio Agriturismo Olistico Valle dei Calanchi. La Sala dei 12 petali
Bio Agriturismo Olistico Valle dei Calanchi. La Sala dei 12 petali

The project of the Sala dei 12 Petali was created with the aim of having a harmonious space with an intrinsic energy derived from the relation between shapes and numbers. A project like this requires not only a research and formal experimentation of geometrics, but also to enter in a receptive state where inspiration can find a fertile ground.

The activities that take place in this room are mainly didactic and experiential activities, in which everyone have the need to get in touch with a deep part of themselves. The room was designed with the intention of inducing a sense of peace and harmony.

The choice of having a central type plant is to recall our own center; the number 12 is a sacred number and indicates the descent into the earth of cosmic model of fulness and harmony, the dodecagon has 12 sides so it is linked to the 12 petals of the heart’s chakra. The energy center is located at the center of our physical and subtle bodies, which connects to the earth with the sky and allows healing through light and love.

The diameter of the circle that circumscribed the dodecagon is 12 meters and from it we can get the area of the room that is 108 m². This number, 108, is also another number that we can find in different cultures. The beads of the Indian rosary and the Mala, as 108 are the movements of the form of the Taj Chi, and also the same number of repetitions of the Gayatri Mantra, etc etc etc …

The geometry of the roof of this room was designed to be shaped like a sort of kaleidoscope with a specific harmonic relationship. This harmonic relation in the roof make resonate the notes of the 1° 5° (second 8th-note) and 3° (third octave), that means: a triad of the perfect chord that is divided into three successive octaves, bringing whoever enters into the room towards an ascension to the higher dimensions of being.
The surfaces of the triangles of the kaleidoscope follow each other from the center outwards according to the Fibonacci’s series, so this connects the universal cosmic laws of the development of live.

 The floor of the room brings back the design of the structure with its harmonic laws. The triangles of the kaleidoscope contain the number 7, which connects with our 7 chakras. For that reason, each triangle is colored with the 7 colors of the chakras which correspond to the colors of the rainbow. This allows us to stimulate all our subtle center energies, a necessary condition for a good physical, mental and spiritual health.

The 12 sides of the dodecagon form 12 squares on the facade of the building, therefore the height in the eaves is equal to the length of the sides of the dodecagon. The height of the 12-sided pyramid of the roof is in a golden ratio with the height of the prism base.

The heights of the overlapping prisms and pyramids (base/cover/lantern/cover) follow one another in succession with decreasing heights in a constant 3/2 ratio (ratio of 5°). The more you analyze the geometry of the Sala dei 12 Petali the more spectacular coincidences you will find!

The position of the room in the surrounded area and its orientation follows the principles of Feng Shui, an ancient, complex and profound science with Chinese origin, that is connected to the universal principles that we can also find in other cultures. The “School of the 4 animals” is perfectly respected, in fact we have in the north the Turtle, a hill that gives us protection, in the south the Phoenix with the water of the stream at the bottom of the valley, in the east and west there is the White Tiger and the Green Dragon. The four animals identify the ideal place to build: The Shu, The Belly of the Dragon where the Qi flows in a fluid and harmonious way. According to the Compass School, the room is oriented with the entrances to the south and the center of the room is located compatibly with the Hartmann’s nodes.

 But now it is time to go inside the room and get a personal experience about how all translate to the level of our physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual perceptions!

Bio Agriturismo Olistico Valle dei Calanchi. La Sala dei 12 petali